Spiral Taping – Eccentric

Simultaneous Application of Multiple Tapes

Spiral Taping Eccentric

Used to helically apply multiple single tapes around a product under controlled speed and tension. Multiple single tape width pads (“pancake pads”) are mounted eccentrically with their axes at right angles to the cable passage. Pads may be changed without cutting the cable.

Spiral Taping Eccentric
Spiral Taping Eccentric
Spiral Taping Eccentric

Machine Features

  • Tape pads up to 800mm / 24in diameter and 90kg / 180lb
  • Suitable for tape width to 75mm or 3.0in
  • Suitable for metallic and non-metallic tapes
  • Rotational speed to 750rpm
  • Wraps two or four tapes simultaneously allowing higher linear line speeds
  • Tape guide system is fully adjustable for close control of application point, angle, and application style
  • Low pad (adjustable) and broken tape alarm circuits
  • Rigid soundproof interlocked safety guard package ensures quiet and safe operation.
  • Supplied with an independent drive that follows line speed signal
  • Custom designs available
Spiral Taping Eccentric
Spiral Taping Eccentric