Planetary Cabling with Drum Twister and Rotating Payoffs

An alternative to traditional Planetary Closer

Panetary Cabling with Drum Twister

The Drum Twister or Universal Cabler may be used for Planetary Assembly of conductors and other elements when combined with rotating/neutralizing payoffs. The elements in a planetary assembly do not experience any axial torque. This process is ideally suited for hybrid and composite cables in addition to large size power conductors and provides several advantages over traditional planetary machines including higher speed, productivity, improved safety, and more flexibility.

Typical auxiliary equipment includes concentric and eccentric taping units and binders, steel wire performers, and fillers among others.

Panetary Cabling with Drum Twister
Panetary Cabling with Drum Twister
Panetary Cabling with Drum Twister

Machine Features

  • Designs from 900mm to 4.4m(36in to 180in) with reel weights to 35 tons
  • Closed and Open Fork Design with “Gesadur” trunnion under rollers
  • High rotational speeds
  • Integrated lifting platform to facilitate loading and unloading of reels
  • Goose neck traverse with roller guide system, optional video winding monitor
  • Speed controlled units or with rotating caterpuller capstan
  • Independent drives for rotation, traverse; lay/pitch and take-up
  • Payoffs designs include Closed and Open Ford Design, and Vertical, all with independent drive and control
  • Payoff tension control from simple drag brake up to motorized with closed loop feedback without the use of slip rings/brushes and with motors floor mounted
  • Wide range of payoffs; taping heads; binders, filler, and other auxiliary equipment
  • Integrated drive and control package with optional recipe driven package
Panetary Cabling with Drum Twister
Panetary Cabling with Drum Twister