61 Wire Single Twist Stranding

Single Twist Strander

A Competitive Alternative for Stranding of Copper and Aluminum Conductors

Stranding to 61 wires or 1000kcm/500mm2 with the Single Twist machine provides a competitive alternative to the Rigid Strander.

The capability of an 84in or 2.24m.Single Twist machine running 750kcm compact aluminum requires the capacity of a two wire tandem wire drawing machine.

Combining this capability with the 53 wire SIW specification the consequence is a flexible and cost effective manufacturing solution for 37 and 61 wire stranded conductors.

Single Twist Strander
Single Twist Strander

Machine Features

  • Suitable for the unilay stranding of copper and aluminum conductors to 1000kcm or 500mm2
  • Suitable also for the cabling of insulated conductors to 4/0 AWG or 95mm2
  • Continuous payoffs from stems is the recommended payoff package for conductor stranding
  • Dual wheel capstan integral with the flyer or optional independent capstan unit
  • Independent drives throughout i.e. for flyer; capstan, traverse and take-up
  • Totally enclosed sound proof enclosure with powered access doors for ease of loading and threading
  • Generous wire path for low contact pressure between product and guiding system
  • Integrated electrical drive and control package with auxiliary equipment to suit each application
  • Optional Input Wire roll form stations for traditional or Single Input Wire (SIW) compact or compressed stranded conductors
Single Twist Strander
Single Twist Strander